Support & Timing

Carpe Realty continually informs our clients throughout the process. We quickly ascertain possible issues and relentlessly focus on execution based on the client’s time frame. We present the entire project to the client in a succinct, informative manner, providing the client with complete analysis for future discussion or questions. We are dedicated to providing outstanding work from beginning to end and remain committed to our work long after a project is finished.

We provide three forms of support timing:

Project Basis
Benefits those companies with fewer internal resources during a slower market and those that might need additional resources during high loan volume seasons when internal resources can be stretched. Project based support also helps those companies who simply want a dedicated outside party to grind through a voluminous amount of information to help meet a target deadline on a large project.

Interim Basis
Benefits those companies starting up a new platform, those companies without key personnel during holiday months or busy/slow periods of time or those companies that want to stay caught up while new staff is trained.

Full Time Basis
Benefits those companies that want full time experienced insight when and where needed at all times throughout the week, in front end sizing and/or back end closing capacities.

We follow up on every project to continue support through any possible rating agency, B buyer or investor process and can assist in preparing Asset Summary Reviews.