Corporate Real Estate Services

Portfolio Strategic Review
Carpe Realty dissects property operations and determines how cash flow can be maximized to generate hidden value. Our professionals can identify areas of improvement for one property or an overall countrywide portfolio. Our professionals can often identify multiple revenue and expense line items that can be improved on properties across the commercial spectrum.

Retail Strategic Review
Carpe Realty assists retailers and other prospective tenants in assessing the optimal real estate locations for their needs and overall business plans. Our professionals can quickly and thoroughly assess market demographic reports and area trends while drawing on vast micro market knowledge to generate a plan of action.

Asset Management Review
Carpe Realty monitors property performance on a monthly, quarterly and annual cycle for clients providing a consistent financial reporting format to senior management. Such a report ensures that informed real-time business decisions can be made to maintain property performance, change strategic course or potentially dispose of an asset.

Balance Sheet Review
Carpe Realty reviews balance sheet loans to assess trends in asset performance. Verification of performing loans can expose future loan issues that could negatively impact future revenue or expense. Otherwise, such negative trends may not be discovered until debt service covenants are triggered, resulting in fewer strategic options to pursue.

Inspection Review
Carpe Realty visits properties to document and monitor physical condition of properties on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis, depending upon client demand. Many companies prefer this service as they simply do not have the time to visit each property. This service is often used in conjunction with Asset Management Review in an effort for companies to verify and monitor the ongoing performance and physical condition of collateral supporting loans previously made.

Commercial Real Estate Training
Carpe Realty provides thorough training for new college graduates and young professionals. Our training provides detailed analysis, in depth discussion and numerous examples of projects around the country across the full commercial property spectrum. It is intended to enhance the knowledge gained at school by providing a real world crash course on what to expect upon starting at a hedge fund, life company, brokerage, conduit, development, management, servicing or consulting firm.